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Bitcoin Casinos.
Best Bitcoin Casinos in 2022 – The Biggest Bitcoin Casino Guide.
The Best Bitcoin Casinos are enjoying an unprecedented wave of popularity, given Bitcoin’s current bullish run that defies all odds. Frankly, no one on earth would have predicted the rise that the cryptocurrency has seen in the past year.
With more mainstream acceptance and Elon Musk diving in, it’s all the way to the mars for Bitcoin. It’s no wonder that Bitcoin casinos are topping it off with some amazing bonuses and lucrative deals. If you have never gambled online in Bitcoin casinos, now’s the time. People are making a killing out there folks. That’s people who have never gambled with crypto before.
Wait. Did we jump the gun a tad? I think we did. As unbelievable as it sounds, a large part of the population does not know how Bitcoin casinos work. We figured that this was a great time to shine some light on it and add our two cents as well.
So here goes. If you are new to Bitcoin casinos, BNB then strap in and enjoy the ride (read).
What are Bitcoin casinos?
Bitcoin casinos are just like regular online casinos, with one key difference. They accept Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies as payment, in addition to normal Fiat currency like USD, Pounds, Euro or any other government-issued currency.
A lot of people think that Bitcoin casinos are a reasonably new idea, especially as compared to normal online casinos. But the fact is that it’s been more than a decade since Bitcoin was created. The first few Bitcoin currencies started as early as 2011.
But we all know how cryptocurrency was looked upon back then. The usage was limited to a few tech junkies and computer nerds. The occasional dark web user had a few Bitcoins that they mined at home and used to buy drugs.
Cut to today, Bitcoin has gone mainstream, and so have Bitcoin casinos. It’s no longer an unknown technology that’s spoken about in whispers. It’s here and it’s going to stay.
When it comes to gambling, it offers a lot more advantages as compared to conventional Fiat.
How do Bitcoin casinos work?
A bitcoin casino is no different from a regular casino. If you have ever gambled in an online casino, you’d be familiar with how the games work. It’s a software-controlled system where you can play slots, table games like blackjack and baccarat, video poker and specialty games like Keno, cryptocurrency Bingo and roulette.
The best bitcoin casinos have their proprietary, customized version of the gaming software, which is what separates them from the rest. Smaller bitcoin casinos may have a more generic version of the software available on a subscription model.
No matter what game you play, the software controls and runs the entire game. There’s absolutely no human intervention, which means that there’s no chance of the game being rigged.
You can play against the software, in which, the game is completely automated. If there are more human players involved, the software assumes the role of the dealer and conducts the game.
As is the case with any digital operation, Bitcoin casinos are often looked down upon by skeptics, who fear manipulation in the software.
To this end, most of the best Bitcoin casinos offer a complete review of the software algorithm, which should suffice to convince most users. Also, there has been a progressive improvement in security protocols, stability and flexibility, which makes these casinos a much safer bet than they were in the early days.
What are the top Bitcoin gambling sites?
All said and done, which are the top Bitcoin gambling sites that you can safely gamble with? Well, given the popularity of cryptocurrency, there has been a sudden surge in the number of casinos that have set up shop.
Not all of them are cut from the same cloth though. If you are looking to place your first bet in a Bitcoin casino, then here are the top 10 casinos in 2022.
Roobet – Top rated Bitcoin casino that offers a very user-friendly interface. Accepts both BTC and ETH and offers a variety of games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Mines and Dice. Stake – One of the biggest gambling sites on the internet that lets you bet on anything under the sun. (Not literally). From sporting events to proprietary games, you have options galore. Stake enjoys a great reputation among the gambling community. – One of the oldest Bitcoin casinos on the block, was set up in 2014. It accepts a wider range of cryptos than some of the other casinos, and it has consistently been awarded certificates of trust by accredited organizations. 7BitCasino – 7BitCasino is one of the most reputed Bitcoin casinos in the world. It offers more than 4000 games, including free spins that let you win free crypto and daily cashbacks. Also lets you withdraw funds in cryptocurrency. Gam Dom – This is a reasonably new casino with a very fast-growing user base. Offers a variety of games and is quite transparent with the algorithm reveal. Also offers a neat $50 USD signup bonus. Cloudbet – Cloudbet is hands down, the oldest Bitcoin casino in this list that was set up in 2013. It allows you to play with complete anonymity with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Probably one of the only casinos that offers no-limit betting. Also offers a 100% deposit cashback up to 5 BTC.
Pros and cons of Bitcoin casinos.
Despite all the obvious perks of gambling with cryptocurrencies, it’s still a relatively unknown domain for a lot of online gamblers, who continue to place bets in more conventional gambling setups.
But what if you want to wet your toes in Bitcoin casinos? What are the pros and cons?
The advantages of betting in Bitcoin casinos.
Anonymity – The entire Blockchain technology is built on the premise of anonymous, untraceable transactions. Therein lies the biggest appeal of Bitcoin casinos. Any cryptocurrency that you deposit into a Bitcoin casino, and any subsequent winnings that you make are completely off-the-grid, and anonymous. They are not taxable, like conventional Fiat winnings are. This means that even if you were to win a sizeable jackpot, of say, $1 Million dollars, which is a very real possibility given Bitcoin’s current value, you will not have the IRS breathing down your neck, ever. You can securely transfer the winnings into your Bitcoin wallet and encash it anywhere in the world. Provably fair: One of the fundamental principles of Blockchain is that it’s designed for fair play. Any user in a Bitcoin casino can verify whether the game was rigged, or manipulated, or whether it was accurately decided on the basis of a random number. All that it takes is the Bet ID number and some other easily-accessible information. You can track all details of every specific bet placed on the site. Transparency: The verification of the Blockchain ensures that every game, no matter how small or how large the bet, is completely fair. The Bitcoin casino never tampers with the results, or regulates the bet. The algorithm is open source and the casino probably has more to gain by being fair, than trying to rig the game. We will explain this in the FAQ. Zero transaction fees: One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin casinos is that most casinos have zero transaction fees, and no limits to the number of daily transactions. Most conventional casinos have limits on both. Minimal User details: Adding to the anonymity that we mentioned earlier, most Bitcoin casinos do not require extensive user details. Most often, it’s just an email and a login name, which allows you to stay anonymous, just the way a lot of gamblers prefer to be. Fewer legal hassles: Depending on the country that you reside in, btc gambling may or may not be legal.verus_23378457

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